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 Electrical stimulation for difficult wounds: Only an alternative procedure? 
Fraccalvieri, M.; Salomone, M.; Zingarell, Int. Wound J. 2014, 12, 669–673.

  • Group 1 - Patients with wounds that did not respond to conventional therapies for a period of 3 months or more.
    Treatment results - 87% of the wounds closed in an average time of 97 days (ranged 10 - 150).
  • Group 2 - Patients with severe pain [Visual Number Scale (VNS)>8].
    Treatment Results - After 7 days of treatment, 45% of the patients experienced a complete pain disappearance and 36% experienced a reduction of pain from an average of 9.3 to 3.2 on a VNS pain scale.

 The effect of the BeST Device, a Bio Engineered Electrical Stimulation on Hard to Heal Chronic wounds
Ram Avrahami , Zoie Milstein , Jonathan Rosenblum , Galit Sivak, Alon Avrahami
(In the process of publication)

  • Treatment of hard to heal wounds (wound duration between 3 to 36 months) with result analyses after 12 & 20 weeks as well as overall pain reduction.
  • Treatment result after 12 weeks - 59% of the wounds closed.
  • Treatment result after 20 weeks - 78% of the wounds closed and 16% of the wounds showed surface reduction of at least 75%.
  • Treatment result for patients that suffered from pain - Patients experienced decreased pain from an average of 8.5 to 2.5 on a VAS pain scale. 

Carlo Percudani et al, EWMA Journal, vol11,Nr2, suppl, Page 129 · May 1, 2011

  • Treatment of lower limbs ulcers up to 40 days.
  • Patients showed significant increase in oxygen at the ulcer site, TcPO2 after treatment increased from 29.1 mmHg ± 9. to 49.5 mmHg ± 6.7.

The effect of stochastic electrical noise on hard-to-heal wounds 
Ricci, E., Afargan, M, Int. Wound J. 2010; 19 (3): 96-103.

  • 60 days treatment of ulcers with long duration (18 months to 20 years).
  • Results show an average of 82.5% wound surface area closure.
Ricci & Afargan

C. Di Campli, Ein Acta Vulnologica
Vol 8, suppl. 1 al N.3 – S
ettembre 2010, Clinical Experience 1,  
UO Diabetic
Foot, IDI IRCCS, Roma

  • Treatment of ulcers with long duration (six months minimum).
  • Out of patients that completed the treatment, 36% experienced total closure, 54% saw reduction in wound surface area.
  • Most patients experienced reduction in pain. 

Results published as; Ohry, A., Goren, O. The effects of BST electrostimulation on healing of pressure ulcers: results of a multi-center, double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study. EWMA J 2007; 7: oral abstract no. 66 

  •  Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial – RCT, subjects of the study were hospitalized patients with stage 3 pressure ulcers of different durations and sizes.
  • After 45 days, the treatment group had a mean area reduction of 45% compared to 10% in the placebo group.
  • After 57 days, the treatment group had a full closure rate of 27.3% compared to to 9.5% in the placebo group.
  • When adding size and location of the ulcers as analyses factors, healing in the treatment group was found to be 5.69 times more likely then in the placebo group.
RCT 2007

*The above studies predates the EZqure brand name but refer to the same device.

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