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EZqure Device Features

  • The EZqure Device intended use is approved for hospitals, clinics and home care in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Israel (FDA approval is in process).

  • The EZqure Device is comprised of two basic elements: a computerized controlled single channel bioelectrical stimulator and a pair of EZqure's adhesive disposable surface electrodes.

  • The EZqure Device transmits a low intensity bio-current (micro-current density 0.3mA r.m.s./cm2). 

  • The EZqure Device treatment is operated through the EZqure's surface electrodes attached to the skin. The surface electrodes are placed on the healthy skin near the wound. The electrodes skin interface has a hypoallergenic conductive layer, which enables the use of a single pair of electrodes up to 3 days, or a week if removed between treatments.

  • The EZqure Device treatment is used three times a day, for 30 minutes each (according to the physician's recommendations). Only during these treatment sessions the patient is connected to the device, enabling full flexibility and movement during the rest of the day.


Warning: Use of electrodes not according to their labelled usage time may results in skin irritation, reduced efficacy and patient compliance.

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