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EZqure Device Benefits

EZqure Device Treats a Variety of Chronic Ulcers

The EZqure Device intended use - treatment of chronic non-healing wounds such as:  

  • Diabetic Wounds.

  • Vascular (Arterial or Venous) Leg Ulcers.

  • Pressure (Decubitus) Wounds.

  • Other Ulcers / Wounds, which are resistance to standard or more complex treatments.

EZqure Device demonstrates Well-Established Practical & Clinical Benefits

The EZqure Device offers a proven non-invasive electrotherapy option for the acceleration of healing and rapid closure of chronic wounds.

  • The EZqure Device is clinically approved for hospitals, clinics and home care.

  • The EZqure Device is used for only 90 minutes a day.

  • The EZqure Device is easily applied by the caregiver or patient.

  • The EZqure Device facilitates complete closure of most hard-to-heal wounds (which are resistant to standard or advanced wound care) within the average period of 6 to 12 weeks [1].

  • The EZqure Device is the only clinically available electrotherapy which is based on a novel bioelectrical signal discovered in humans.

  • The EZqure Device is the only clinically available electrotherapy with proven therapeutic effectiveness in a Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial – RCT [2].

  • The EZqure Device significantly reduces the hospitalization period and treatment costs of non-healing chronic wounds.

The EZqure Device triggers a wound healing process which has the following effects:​

  • Wound Healing - Initiation and acceleration of the wound healing process.

  • Pain - Reduction of local pain.

  • Tissue viability - Significant increase in:
    1. Granulation – regeneration of viable connective tissue.
    2. Epithelialization – regeneration of viable epithelial tissue.
    3. Vascularization (angiogenesis) – regeneration of vital blood vessels.

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